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Nov. 27, 2017: Our collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) project gets funded by NSERC. Thank you Daniel Figeys for including us in your vision of “Technologies for Microbiome Science and Engineering”:                                                                    

Sept. 6, 2017: Doaa passes her PreDoc exam with flying colors! Congrats.

June 1, 2017: Driss and Aynsley join the lab. Welcome guys!

May 11, 2017: Rina, Doaa and Isabelle win awards at the Canadian Microscopy and Cytometry Symposium.

May 2, 2017: Three undergraduate students join the lab for the summer! We’d like to keep them for longer…

May 1, 2017: Isabelle graduates and joins the lab as a MSc student. Thrilled to have her!

Jan. 16, 2017: Rina Shlaifer joins the lab. Welcome Rina!

Nov. 22, 2016: Our paper on Starvation and recovery of a deep-sea methanotroph is accepted in Mol Microbiol. We also get the journal cover!

July 15, 2016: The lab is awarded a CHIR Project grant.

June 27, 2016: Our opinion article on the Sporulation, bacterial cell envelopes and the origin of life is accepted in Nat. Rev. Micorbiol.

Jan. 21, 2016: Scientific day for the Faculty of Dentistry at UdeM

Jan. 14, 2016: The lab is awarded an operating grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Jan. 5, 2016: Elitza receives a Canada Research Chair Tier 2 in Molecular Ultrastructure

Sept. 1, 2015: Doaa Fakih joins the lab. Welcome Doaa!

June 1, 2015: The lab is awarded a Discover Grant from NSERC.

June 1, 2015: Our lab officially opens.

Talks & Presentations

August 8, 2017 | St. Louis, USA: Elitza gives a talk at the Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference:

May 11, 2017 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza gives a talk at the Canadian Microscopy and Cytometry Symposium:

Feb. 22, 2017 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza gives a talk at the Veterinary School of UdeM

Nov. 17, 2016 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza gives a talk at the Department of Microbiology at UdeM

Oct. 17, 2016 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza gives a talk at the Department of Biology at McGill University

Oct. 3, 2016 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza gives a talk at the Department of Biological Sciences at UdeM

June 12-15, 2016 | Toronto, Canada: Elitza presents at the Canadian Society of Microbiologists Conference

April 17-21, 2016 | London, UK: Elitza presents at the International Spore Conference

April 1, 2016 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza presents at the Hospital CHU Sainte-Justine

March 23, 2016 | Montreal, Canada: Elitza presents at Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University and is later elected as an Adjunct Professor of the department

Upcoming Conferences

May 8-9, 2017 | Montreal, Canada: 1st World Health Summit

May 9-12, 2017 | Montreal, Canada: Canadian Microscopy & Cytometry Symposium

June 1-5, 2017 | New Orleans, USA: ASM Microbe Conference

June 11-16, 2017 | Les Diablerets, Switzerland: GRC 3DEM conference

June 20-23, 2017 | Waterloo, Canada: 67th Canadian Society of Microbiologists

July 24-27, 2017 | Montreal, Canada: The Protein Society Conference

Aug. 6-10, 2017 | St. Louis, USA: Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference

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We are an interdisciplinary group and we welcome students & postdocs with either experimental or theoretical/computational background. Applicants are expected to have strong foundations in one of the following areas--Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Microbiology, Theoretical Evolutionary Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Potential graduate students are admitted to the MS/PhD Biochemistry and  MS/PhD Bioinformatics programs of University of Montreal.

If you are curious and intrinsically motivated, contact us.

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